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Jacaré - Côco das Mães (Official Video)
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Samba/ Carribean/ Chanson/ Jazz


Jacaré is the new sound of Berlin’s international music scene. Founded in 2019 by Helena Fontaine, Félix Huet and Gonçalo Mortágua, the band already performed in the city's most iconic venues such as Festsaal Kreuzberg, Gretchen Club, and the underground Keller of Das Hotel Bar, gathering along a wonderful group of people.

Their show is a blend of nostalgic samba melodies, vocal harmonies, deep tenor saxophone lines and traditional afro-brazilian percussions.

In 2020, Jacarés recorded its first EP “Saindo da Lagoa”, together with sound engineers Tim Tabellion and Florent Chaintiou.

It was released in April 2021 under the label of Sungroove Records.


Félix Huet : Vocals, Guitar

Héléna Fontaine : Vocals, Pandeiro, Cavaquinho

Gonçalo Mortágua : Vocals, Saxophone Tenor

Alex Rigaud / Neide Alves : Surdo, Tamborim

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