Live music video / Acoustic performance
May 15th, 2021

An intimate acoustic performance of the song "O Abandono (Você)" present on the first album of A Panda do Sol. Performed live at Mastul e.g. in Berlin, November 2020.

"A Panda do Sol" is a nine-piece ensemble which combines the orchestration of a full horn section to the base of traditional brazilian percussions. 

A Film directed by Raúl Gonzalez

Camera : Andreas Tierbach

Camera Assistant : Félix Chirinos

Video Editing : Félix Huet

Sound recording and mixing : Tim Tabellion

Mastering : Florent Chaintiou

Musicians: Félix Huet : guitar & vocals Héléna Fontaine : cavaquinho & vocals Raúl Gonzalez : tamborim

Marta di Ronco : surdo

Bruno Vezzaro : pandeiro

Oscar Buschinger : clarinet & vocals Yannick Maentele : trumpet

Antonio de Silóniz : tenor saxophone Matthieu Pérot : trombone



EP Release
April 30th, 2021

The EP “Saindo da Lagoa” takes you on a journey along the coast of Brazil and portrays some emblematic rythms such as the Côco, the Ciranda, and above all, the Samba. The compositions are influenced by the roots of the gender, the first “sambistas” who blended poetry, rhythm, spontaneity, and the beauty of vocal harmonies in order to create timeless songs that all will remember and sing along.SingleTheir first single “Côco das Mães”, inspired by the repentistas Beija-Flor e Oliveira, is an ho-mage to the mothers of this earth. Recorded live with guests musicians Neide Alves, Sabina Celeste and Ícaro Kái, a video clip of the per-formance will be release on the 16.04.21 to-gether with the single



Single release / Official music video release
April 16th, 2021

First single release from their upcoming EP "Saindo da Lagoa, Jacaré is proud to present their “Côco das Mães”. Inspired by the repentistas Beija-Flor e Oliveira, it is an homage to the mothers and fathers of this earth. It was filmed and recorded live with guests musicians Neide Alves, Sabina Celeste and Ícaro Kái.

Presented by "A Panda do Sol Production"

Release date: April 16th

Label: Sungroove Records


Filmed by Kyle Ferguson

Edited by Daniel B Maciel / Pájaro Negro


Recorded and mixed by Tim Tabellion Mastered by Florent Chaintiou


Félix Huet: Vocals

Héléna Fontaine: Pandeiro, vocals Gonçalo Mortágua: Tenor Saxophone , vocals

Sabina Celeste: Triangle, vocals

Ícaro Kái: Ganzá

Neide Alves: Alfaia

Recorded and filmed in February 2020 at Parachute Pony studio in Lichtenberg, Berlin.



Official music video release
Febuary 24th, 2020

First Video Clip of the Berlin band "A Panda do Sol" exctract of their Album "Fôlego" (2020)

Recording & Mixing : Florent Chaintiou at Nadanadi studio

Director : Raul Gonzales

Assisstant Director : Félix Huet

Camera operators : Clemens Grün & Felix Spröde

Editing: Matthias Hüttenbach & Félix Huet

Make up : Elena Ziegler

Régie : Marie Skalla

Shot in Berlin Hassenheide, 2019



Album release

"Fôlego" is the first EP release of the Berlin Samba band "A Panda do Sol". Seven tracks which will give you the "Panda Island" experience wherever you are!

From Samba, to Pagode and Forró, the ensemble portrays here their first 3 years of existence and their most popular compositions. The themes tackled by the group of musicians range from Brazilian popular culture to timeless and universal poetry such as love and death. They sing to mermaid and the goddess of the ocean in "Sereia", to their ex lovers in "Você",or to the beauty of the sunrise in "Voltar".