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Chanson Française / Biguine / Samba de Raiz

Muguet & Colibri is the duo of musicians Héléna Fontaine and Félix Huet, leaders and founders of "A Panda do Sol" & "Jacaré". The two musicians perform original compositions with their voices, guitar, cavaquinho, pandeiro and matchbox.


They compose and sing in both French and Portuguese, blending their Parisian roots to the school of life which made them fall in love with the roots of Brazilian samba music. The influences in their music also portrays rhythms from Cabo Verde and the French Caribbeans which they adore.

Their performance is an intimate and rhythmical journey full rhythms, love, poetry and vocal harmonies.


They are currently mostly performing together with the rhythm and brass section of A PANDA DO SOL.

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